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Deja Foxx

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From homelessness in high school to the forefront of the reproductive justice movement and Dean’s List at Columbia University, Deja is changing the world at 20 years old. She’s been named a Teen Vogue 21 under 21, joined the Dazed 100, received Planned Parenthood's Catalyst for Change Award, become MAC Costmetics’ youngest ever ambassador, joined Nike at the Women's World Cup as a Dream Leader, and is the former Influencer and Surrogate Strategist on the Kamala Harris campaign.


Deja Foxx needed an updated site design that matched her personal brand as an activist and influencer.


Maya first helped Deja identify the pages she wanted, proposing that Deja's pages should be the nouns she uses to define herself (activist, influencer, speaker, strategist). Maya then organized her content and delivered a site that was organized, bold, and simple to fit Deja's needs.

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