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Climate Cardinals is an international nonprofit working to translate climate change research and information, making the climate movement more accessible to those who don’t speak English. We aim to educate those who are unaware of climate change and provide them with information on how they can help combat the crisis. To date, this international movement spans 29 countries and has a reach of over 18,500 people.


- Climate Cardinals was a new organization that lacked content and a graphic designer

- Website needed to effectively communicate to the user how to get involved with the nonprofit, either as a team member or volunteer

- Emphasize to the user that they are looking for volunteers to translate climate documents from English into other languages


To create a dominant visual identity, Maya created a hompage banner that featured welcomed users to the site in 19 different languages. This banner was created custom for Climate Cardinals using Adobe Illustrator and was recently featured in The Washington Post. Maya also balanced Climate Cardinals' bright blue and red color palette with black and dark grey banners and text so that the site would be bold but not overwhelmed with color.

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