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Advocate. Leader. Storyteller

Space to Speak

Space to Speak was founded in 2019 by two college students who wanted to create a space dedicated to connecting young survivors and amplifying their voices while also working to further the national conversation on consent. We have since become a growing community of survivors and allies, reclaiming our power and healing together. Space to Speak supports and empowers survivors by providing educational guides and an online platform for the community. Whether you are a survivor or ally, there is always room in our community.

Social Media Manager
GenZ Girl Gang

After designing GenZ Girl Gang’s website,  Maya was invited to join GGG’s Executive Team, as the Design Lead, alongside powerhouse women such as Associate Director, Pranjal Jain, and Founder, Deja Foxx. GGG aims to redefine sisterhood for a new generation through bridging generational gaps, creating and sharing opportunities, and learning from and teaching each other. She soon became the Social Media Manager wherein she curated and scheduled meaningful content, communicated with social media community members, designed graphics, and utilized analytical tools to evaluate GGG's social media presence and performance. Under her leadership as Social Media Manager, GGG went from 0 to 10.6k followers in 18 months. Over 1600 opportunities have been shared with the GGG community.


ThinkOcean is an international youth nonprofit working to engage today’s young people and address the world’s most pressing environmental issues through policy and passion. It has regional coordinators in over 10 countries and works actively with around 20 partners. In 2018, Maya joined the team as the Northwest Regional Coordinator where she organized and mentored high school chapters in CO, CA, and WA. A year later, she became the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Since then, she has designed the website, worked to obtain 501(c)(3) status, and worked with the creative, national, and international team on campaigns and partnerships. In 2019, she represented ThinkOcean as a speaker at the U.S. Climate March.

25 Under 25 Social Entrepreneurs (2020) • Youth Expert (2019) • SOYP Youth Delegate (2019) • Girlboss Rally Game Changer (2019) • Environmental Excellence (2018)