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Maya uses the power of storytelling to inspire others to take action and is able to speak on her personal experiences as a Jewish-Asian American, a youth advocate & entrepreneur, a survivor of sexual assault, and a proud GenZ-er.

Business Woman

Maya loves to get involved in new projects, continuing to learn and make an impact across a variety of organizations. Her goal is to develop and execute strategies that build relationships and make people feel seen and heard. At Colorado State University, Maya studies Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Over the past few years, she has worked for companies including Bumble, The Law Office of Richard A. Levine, Shiffon, and JUV Consulting.

Community leader

At 18 years old, she started volunteering for an international nonprofit called ThinkOcean which became my first exposure to the impact businesses can have on people and young people can have on the world. She is the Founder of Space to Speak and the former Social Media Manager at GenZ Girl Gang. Her work has been recognized in the Washington Post, HuffPost, MTV, Teen Vogue, Vice, Elite Daily, and the NYT Upfront.
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Maya Siegel is a student and creator at Colorado State University. Her services are uniquely to support the needs of GenZ leaders and small to midsize organizations, with her clients typically being community leaders and purpose driven organizations that are challenging the status quo in their industry. Maya is a natural problem solver that brings creativity, integrity, and passion to every project she works on. Her work for Climate Cardinals was featured in the Washington Post in April 2020.